Saturday, 3 October 2009

The Battle of Leon

Spanish corps approach from the east.

The French are too weak to hold all of Leon. The two nearest town sections are empty, but one infantry brigade hold each of the two furtherest from the camera.

Spanish infantry and artillery bypass the empty sections of Leon and approach the French held parts of the town.

One of the two French infantry brigades outside the town are charged by Spanish dragoons as they attempt to redeploy. The corps commander is trying to rally them.

The Spanish has forced the French artillery to abandon their guns and seek safety in Leon. They have now surrounded the town and cut the Mansilla road down which the garrison would have to retreat to safety.

Result of wargame

Although the Spanish surrounded the town, they were unable to storm it.

The French held out for two days and were relieved by another French corps. However they then had to retreat and abandon Leon to the Spanish

Saturday, 26 September 2009

The Battle of Colbitz

Campaign Background

This was part of a mini campaign set in 1813.

After their defeat at Bismark, the fourth French corps retire towards Magdeburg, where they are joined by sixth corps. The combined army march back towards Bismark, but find second and third Prussian corps blocking the road at Colbitz.


The wargame was fought in November 2008 using 28mm figures

Paul commanded the French
Jan commanded the Prussians

First French attack

Second French corps attack Colbitz from the north along the Magdeburg road. They fight their way into the western section of the town, but are driven back again. As they retire they are charged by a brigade of Prussian cuirassiers (left), but they hold their ground and rout the cavalry.

Two of the four French infantry brigades are shaken (yellow marker nearest camera) whilst a third in rout (red marker on right) and take the gunners with them. Only one brigade remains (left nearest camera) to cover the withdrawal.

Second French attack

Sixth French corps attack the town from the south. A cavalry brigade leads the infantry columns, and they have already repulsed a Prussian cavalry brigade. After the brief cavalry melee the French (left with green marker) are disordered but have forced the Prussians (right with yellow marker) to retire shaken.

Before they reach the Prussian line, second corps (top of photo) have already broken and are in retreat. This has allowed the Prussians to redeploy their artillery (centre near town) which now outnumber the French two to one.

On receiving news of second corps rout the French commander in chief orders sixth corps to withdraw towards Magdeburg and cover second corps.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

The Battle of Bismark

Campaign Background

This was part of a mini campaign set in 1813.

The French are marching on Berlin and as they reach the town of Bismark the Prussians are spotted approaching from Stendel.

The Prussians attack the town before the French can occupy it and prepare it for defence.


The wargame was fought in November 2008 using 28mm figures

Paul commanded the French
Jan commanded the Prussians

The Prussians attack Bismark just as the French enter the town. After a brief fight the French are driven out of the town. The Prussian brigade on the left is shaken, the centre and right are disordered. They will have to make their morale before they can move into the town.

On the left the Prussians approach Bismark, on the right the French rout from the town. Not only have the garrison lost their morale, but also the supporting brigade. Nearest the camera the only remaining French brigade is shaken, and if he fails his morale will join the rout.

The French cavalry and artillery hold the Prussians at bay to allow their broken infantry to escape.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

The Battle of Celle

Campaign Background

This is the final battle of a campaign based in 1813. It takes place three days after the previous battle of Luneburg.

The 2nd and 4th Prussian corps continue their advance and have reached Celle, where they are attacked by the Garde and the Westphalian corps.


The wargame was fought in October 2008 using 28mm figures

Paul commanded the French
Jan commanded the Prussians

The Prussians hold Celle on the cross roads, and have deployed to their right to hold the Imperial Garde at bay. Each side has taken up position to counter the enemy, and a stale mate has resulted.

Napoleon has ordered the Garde to advance, and they are taking casualties. The right hand brigade has already broken, and the supporting brigade is shaken. Both the artillery and the supporting square have taken casualties.

The Westphalian corps advances to attack Celle. The town is held by a grenadier brigade and they hold against two attacks. By late afternoon the garde is withdrawn to avoid further casualties, and the Westphalians also retreat.

Yet another French defeat, and Napoleon must order yet another retreat.

As the French fall back the Blucher takes both Hamburg and Hannover, bring the campaign to a successful conclusion for the Prussians

Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Battle of Luneburg

Campaign Background

This wargame is also part of a campaign based in 1813. It takes place one day after the previous battle of Horst. This part of the campaign dealt with the French counter offensive to halt the Prussian push to take Hannover

A Prussian corps were deployed in and around Luneburg.

The French Garde Imperial were ordered to take the town.


The wargame was fought in October 2008 using 28mm figures

Paul commanded the French
Jan commanded the Prussians

The Prussians are determined to hold Luneburg, and put up a fierce defence. The leading Grenadier brigade is thrown back and the left hand supporting brigade also lose their morale and are Shaken. The third brigade has finally taken the town, but are disordered. The fourth brigade, on the left, are advancing to take on the Prussian reserves.

The French cavalry have driven off the Prussian cavalry, but not without casualties themselves. The Prussian garrison is in rout, and both supporting infantry brigades are shaken, the nearest one has formed square to deter the French cavalry

The Prussians are in retreat, but they have put up a good fight. The French have lost 2 cavalry and 6 infantry, the Purssians 3 cavalry and 7 infantry. However all of the French casualties are on the Imperial Garde.

The French have won the battle, but at heavy cost. The earlier French defeats at Horst and Buckholz would mean that the Garde would also have to retreat, despite their victory.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Battle of Horst

Campaign Background

This wargame is also part of a campaign based in 1813. It takes place one day after the previous battle of Bucholz.

Horst is north west of Bucholz, and 3rd Prussian corps were deployed in and around the town. 3rd French corps have orders to take the town.


The wagame was fought in October 2008 using 28mm figures

Paul commanded the French
Jan commanded the Prussians

The French entered through the hills on the right. The Prussian hussars moved forward to spot them, but were charged by the cuirassiers and routed (on left of photo).

The Prussian artillery in the foreground have already routed the leading French infantry brigades, but the loss of their cavalry support has caused them to abandon their guns and seek safety behind the infantry square.

The French have lost three of their infantry brigades (left), but one brigade still poses a threat as it is supported by artillery and the cuirassiers.

The Prussian infantry (right) advance in column to support the garrison of Horst.

The remaining French infantry brigade, and the cuirassiers, have both failed their morale due to the rout, and are now Shaken.

The French commander orders a general retreat leaving the Prussians in control of the town.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Battle of Bucholz

Campaign Background
This wargame is part of a campaign based in 1813.

The French are retreating towards Hamburg and have turned to hit the advancing Prussians at Bucholz.

The wargame was fought in September 2008, using 28mm figures

French (Paul) on right
Prussians (Jan) on left

Photo 1 – Prussians defend Bucholz

1st Prussian corps are deployed in and around Bucholz.

2nd French corps approach from the right. On their right the cuirassier brigade has routed the Prussian hussars.

Photo 2 – French approach Bucholz

With the loss of their cavalry the Prussians have been forced to form square against the French cavalry.

The French infantry are strung out due to their approach march over the hills.

Photo 3 – French left break

The French artillery, and two infantry brigades, rout over the hills, leaving their guns behind. One infantry brigade is still engaged with the enemy beside Bucholz, supported by another brigade and the cuirassiers. All have received casualties.

Photo 4 – French withdraw

Greatly outnumbered the French are about to withdraw, covered by their cavalry.
The Prussians have suffered only light casualties

Campaign Result
This was a major defeat for the French, and they continued their retreat towards Hamburg.

Friday, 31 July 2009

The Battle of Tortosa - May 2008

Campaign Background

This wargame is part of a campaign based in 1813.

The Spanish are marching north along the eastern coast towards Tarragona. As they reach Tortosa they encounter the French.


The wargame was fought in May 2008, using 15mm figures

Top of photo leads to Tarragona
Bottom of photo leads to Valancia
Right of photo leads to port of Tortosa
Left of photo leads to Teruel

French (Paul) on right
Spanish (Jan) on left

Photo 1- Spanish attack

The Spanish have crossed the river and are approaching Tortosa (on cross roads). However the French have beaten them to it and are entering the town (note some buildings have been removed to measure French movement through Tortosa)

The French are advancing on both sides of the river.

At the top of the photograph the Spanish on the hill have not been spotted and are still on blinds.

Photo 2 - Spanish right

The Spanish in front of Tortosa have been routed and are trying to escape over the bridge. The French are moving through the town in pursuit.

Photo 3 - Spanish right

The French have crossed the river and are swinging to their right to cut off the Spanish retreat. At the top of the photo one Spanish brigade is holding the village in the bend of the river.

Photo 4 - Spanish left

The main Spanish attack in on their left. They have driven the French back, but failed to break them. They are not yet aware that their right has been broken and is in retreat, and that the French are moving to drive them away from the Valencia road, their line of retreat.

Photo 5 - French counter attack

Although the Spanish have captured the village at the top of the photo, the French are preventing any further advance.

Meanwhile the remaining Spanish in the centre have been driven back to the village in the bend of the river and are about to surrender.

The French have cut the Spanish line of retreat and are moving up the river to surround them.

Campaign Result

The Spanish are decisively beaten and Tortosa and suffer heavy casualties. They are unable to retreat towards Valencia and are forced back into the mountains north of the coast. This is the end of the Spanish effort on the east coast.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

The Battle of Landshut - May 2008

The Austrian army are advancing down the Danube valley towards Munich.

The Bavarian army are marching to Landshut where they intend to hold them

Photo 1

Landshut is the four building stand at the cross roads on the left of the photo.

The top road leads to Linz

The bottom road leads to Munich

The left road leads to Ratisbon

The right road leads to Salzburg

The Bavarians (Jan) are defending on the left

The Austrians (Paul) are attacking from the right

Both armies enter their side of the table on move one

The river is fordable to infantry and cavalry, but artillery must use a bridge

Photo 2

The 1st Austrian Korps have crossed the river Danube and are advancing against the Bavarian right flank, which is anchored on the schloss. Cavalry have forced the supporting infantry into square, and the jagers are about to storm the schloss.

Photo 3

The Austrians have captured the schloss and routed the garrison. They are about to swing right and roll up the whole Bavarian position.

Photo 4

The 2nd Austrian Korps approach the Bavarian centre, but it is too strongly held for them to attempt to storm the bridge. On the far left the 1st Korps, who stormed the schloss, are starting to swing right, which will allow 2nd Korps to take the bridge and push on to Landshut.

Photo 5

The Bavarian centre is under pressure from 1st Austrian Korps who are approaching from the left. 2nd Austrian Korps, top of photo, are waiting for their opportunity to storm the bridge.

Photo 6

The Bavarians are attacking on their left. One corps has advanced to the left ofthe river and is approaching the lightly held farm. A second corps is crossing the river in support. 3rd Austrian Korps has deployed well back from the river in a defensive postion to hold their right flank while their main attack is delivered on the opposite flank

Photo 7

The Austrians in the farmhouse are about to be overrun. But they have done their job in delaying the main Bavarian attack. By the time they are established over the river, the Austrians will have taken Landshut and the Bavarians will have to retreat.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Battle of Celle - May 2008

Celle is the town in the middle at the cross roads. The centre road leads to Luneburg at the top of the photo and Brunswick at the bottom. The road left leads to Burgdorf and right to Bergen. Jan commands the Prussians who must hold Celle. Paul commands the French who are attacking from right to left.

This wargame was fought in April 2008. It was another of the 1813 campaign games. Each game was designed to be played in one day. If it was a club game it always finished the same day, though sometimes it would have to be stopped early and winner agreed.

When we played this game we were introducing new rules, so Jan and I played it on our own so that we could just stop and restart if we found one rule was not working.

The campaign background is that the Prussians are retreating to Burgdorf, and have left a rear guard at Celle to delay the French. The French must take the town without delay, or they will lose their touch with the retreating Prussian army.

Table Right. The Prussians have lost the combat on their right flank and are in retreat.

Table Centre. The Prussians have been driven out of Celle and are retreating .

Table Left. The Prussian are holding their left flank, but are under French attack

Table Right. The French have pushed their artillery forward to break the Prussians.

Table Centre. The French have taken Celle and are in pursuit of the retreating Prussians.

Table Left. The Prussians are holding the village, but only just. All out French attack.


The French won, and the Prussian retreat continued.