Saturday, 5 September 2009

The Battle of Celle

Campaign Background

This is the final battle of a campaign based in 1813. It takes place three days after the previous battle of Luneburg.

The 2nd and 4th Prussian corps continue their advance and have reached Celle, where they are attacked by the Garde and the Westphalian corps.


The wargame was fought in October 2008 using 28mm figures

Paul commanded the French
Jan commanded the Prussians

The Prussians hold Celle on the cross roads, and have deployed to their right to hold the Imperial Garde at bay. Each side has taken up position to counter the enemy, and a stale mate has resulted.

Napoleon has ordered the Garde to advance, and they are taking casualties. The right hand brigade has already broken, and the supporting brigade is shaken. Both the artillery and the supporting square have taken casualties.

The Westphalian corps advances to attack Celle. The town is held by a grenadier brigade and they hold against two attacks. By late afternoon the garde is withdrawn to avoid further casualties, and the Westphalians also retreat.

Yet another French defeat, and Napoleon must order yet another retreat.

As the French fall back the Blucher takes both Hamburg and Hannover, bring the campaign to a successful conclusion for the Prussians

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