Saturday, 3 October 2009

The Battle of Leon

Spanish corps approach from the east.

The French are too weak to hold all of Leon. The two nearest town sections are empty, but one infantry brigade hold each of the two furtherest from the camera.

Spanish infantry and artillery bypass the empty sections of Leon and approach the French held parts of the town.

One of the two French infantry brigades outside the town are charged by Spanish dragoons as they attempt to redeploy. The corps commander is trying to rally them.

The Spanish has forced the French artillery to abandon their guns and seek safety in Leon. They have now surrounded the town and cut the Mansilla road down which the garrison would have to retreat to safety.

Result of wargame

Although the Spanish surrounded the town, they were unable to storm it.

The French held out for two days and were relieved by another French corps. However they then had to retreat and abandon Leon to the Spanish