Saturday, 19 September 2009

The Battle of Bismark

Campaign Background

This was part of a mini campaign set in 1813.

The French are marching on Berlin and as they reach the town of Bismark the Prussians are spotted approaching from Stendel.

The Prussians attack the town before the French can occupy it and prepare it for defence.


The wargame was fought in November 2008 using 28mm figures

Paul commanded the French
Jan commanded the Prussians

The Prussians attack Bismark just as the French enter the town. After a brief fight the French are driven out of the town. The Prussian brigade on the left is shaken, the centre and right are disordered. They will have to make their morale before they can move into the town.

On the left the Prussians approach Bismark, on the right the French rout from the town. Not only have the garrison lost their morale, but also the supporting brigade. Nearest the camera the only remaining French brigade is shaken, and if he fails his morale will join the rout.

The French cavalry and artillery hold the Prussians at bay to allow their broken infantry to escape.

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