Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Battle of Luneburg

Campaign Background

This wargame is also part of a campaign based in 1813. It takes place one day after the previous battle of Horst. This part of the campaign dealt with the French counter offensive to halt the Prussian push to take Hannover

A Prussian corps were deployed in and around Luneburg.

The French Garde Imperial were ordered to take the town.


The wargame was fought in October 2008 using 28mm figures

Paul commanded the French
Jan commanded the Prussians

The Prussians are determined to hold Luneburg, and put up a fierce defence. The leading Grenadier brigade is thrown back and the left hand supporting brigade also lose their morale and are Shaken. The third brigade has finally taken the town, but are disordered. The fourth brigade, on the left, are advancing to take on the Prussian reserves.

The French cavalry have driven off the Prussian cavalry, but not without casualties themselves. The Prussian garrison is in rout, and both supporting infantry brigades are shaken, the nearest one has formed square to deter the French cavalry

The Prussians are in retreat, but they have put up a good fight. The French have lost 2 cavalry and 6 infantry, the Purssians 3 cavalry and 7 infantry. However all of the French casualties are on the Imperial Garde.

The French have won the battle, but at heavy cost. The earlier French defeats at Horst and Buckholz would mean that the Garde would also have to retreat, despite their victory.

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