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The Battle of Tortosa - May 2008

Campaign Background

This wargame is part of a campaign based in 1813.

The Spanish are marching north along the eastern coast towards Tarragona. As they reach Tortosa they encounter the French.


The wargame was fought in May 2008, using 15mm figures

Top of photo leads to Tarragona
Bottom of photo leads to Valancia
Right of photo leads to port of Tortosa
Left of photo leads to Teruel

French (Paul) on right
Spanish (Jan) on left

Photo 1- Spanish attack

The Spanish have crossed the river and are approaching Tortosa (on cross roads). However the French have beaten them to it and are entering the town (note some buildings have been removed to measure French movement through Tortosa)

The French are advancing on both sides of the river.

At the top of the photograph the Spanish on the hill have not been spotted and are still on blinds.

Photo 2 - Spanish right

The Spanish in front of Tortosa have been routed and are trying to escape over the bridge. The French are moving through the town in pursuit.

Photo 3 - Spanish right

The French have crossed the river and are swinging to their right to cut off the Spanish retreat. At the top of the photo one Spanish brigade is holding the village in the bend of the river.

Photo 4 - Spanish left

The main Spanish attack in on their left. They have driven the French back, but failed to break them. They are not yet aware that their right has been broken and is in retreat, and that the French are moving to drive them away from the Valencia road, their line of retreat.

Photo 5 - French counter attack

Although the Spanish have captured the village at the top of the photo, the French are preventing any further advance.

Meanwhile the remaining Spanish in the centre have been driven back to the village in the bend of the river and are about to surrender.

The French have cut the Spanish line of retreat and are moving up the river to surround them.

Campaign Result

The Spanish are decisively beaten and Tortosa and suffer heavy casualties. They are unable to retreat towards Valencia and are forced back into the mountains north of the coast. This is the end of the Spanish effort on the east coast.

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