Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Battle of Bucholz

Campaign Background
This wargame is part of a campaign based in 1813.

The French are retreating towards Hamburg and have turned to hit the advancing Prussians at Bucholz.

The wargame was fought in September 2008, using 28mm figures

French (Paul) on right
Prussians (Jan) on left

Photo 1 – Prussians defend Bucholz

1st Prussian corps are deployed in and around Bucholz.

2nd French corps approach from the right. On their right the cuirassier brigade has routed the Prussian hussars.

Photo 2 – French approach Bucholz

With the loss of their cavalry the Prussians have been forced to form square against the French cavalry.

The French infantry are strung out due to their approach march over the hills.

Photo 3 – French left break

The French artillery, and two infantry brigades, rout over the hills, leaving their guns behind. One infantry brigade is still engaged with the enemy beside Bucholz, supported by another brigade and the cuirassiers. All have received casualties.

Photo 4 – French withdraw

Greatly outnumbered the French are about to withdraw, covered by their cavalry.
The Prussians have suffered only light casualties

Campaign Result
This was a major defeat for the French, and they continued their retreat towards Hamburg.

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