Friday, 26 June 2009

Its Cats Play

Like most kittens, Buster loves to be the centre of attention. And he particularly like to get involved in our wargames. We don't have a door on our wargames room, so we can't keep him out.
If left alone he steps over the soldiers and does no harm. But if you try to lift him he suddenly becomes all legs and tail, sending everything flying in all directions. Left alone he walks backwards and forwards until he gets bored. Then he casually flicks the dice off the table. He always seems to pick the average dice, of which we only have two, rather than the 6 sided dice of which we have dozens. They make an interesting noise as they bounce off the tiles and end up under the table. And he thinks its great fun to follow me under the table as I try to get them back.
It makes for an interesting, if not a very satisfying, wargame.

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